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A. Board of County Commissioners - The Board of County Commissioners may initiate or approve any changes to the Investment Policies as originally adopted.

B. Investment Review Group - As authorized by this document, the Investment Review Group (IRG) may suggest policy and procedural changes.

C. Annual Review of Investment Policies - According to section 180.4, the IRG will perform an annual review of Investment Policies and submit suggested changes to the Board of County Commissioners.

Procedure 180.600 Investment Procedures Revisions

A. County Manager - The County Manager shall have authority to make changes to procedures based upon recommendations from the IRG. Upon approval and adoption of any changes, the County Manager will provide documentation notifying the Finance Director, who in turn will ensure the Investment Procedure manual is updated.

B. Investment Review Group - As authorized by this document, the IRG may suggest procedural changes with any of the current procedures. Proposed changes to the procedures will require a simple majority vote of the IRG. Upon approval of any proposed changes, the Finance Director will submit the proposed procedural changes to the County Manager for final approval and adoption.