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All County employees, and officials, whether elected or appointed , who have authority or act on behalf of the County in the investment of County funds shall perform their duties impartially and in compliance with the ethical standards applicable to the investment of public funds, including the Code of Ethics for Johnson County Government adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, so as to assure fair, competitive access to and participation in the County’s investment process by all responsible financial institutions, suppliers, contractors, and providers of services. Public investing is a public trust balancing the objectives of this policy (Section 180.2) with protecting the integrity of the County. Employees and officials shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to foster public confidence in the integrity of the County’s investment process..

The Cash Manager, or any other County employee or official who makes or influences any investment decision for the County, shall refrain from any personal or financial business activity which would create an actual or apparent conflict of interest related to the proper performance and execution of the investment program. The Cash Manager will annually submit a disclosure statement as prescribed by the Investment Review Group and shall immediately report any potential conflict of interest to the Investment Review Group.

Employees and officials of the County who are involved in the investment of County funds shall not, at any time, receive, accept, take, seek, or solicit, directly or indirectly, anything of economic value as a gift, gratuity, award, reward, favor or other compensation of any type from any person or financial institution with whom the County does or may invest public monies or conduct investment related business.