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It is the policy of the BOCC to maintain a Multi-Year Budget Projection of revenues, expenditures, and reserves. The projection shall be reviewed during the annual operating budget cycle and shall be updated periodically due to changes in policy, legislation, and the economy. The projection will cover a minimum of five years.


The Multi-Year Budget Projection is a forecasting model that includes estimates of revenues, expenditures, and reserves for the County’s budgeted funds. The forecasting model is prepared to illustrate the impact of potential policy decisions on the County’s fiscal condition and to provide an advance warning of potential fiscal problems.


  • The County Manager is responsible for presenting the Multi-Year Budget Projection as part of the proposed operating budget.
  • The Director of Budget and Financial Planning is responsible for coordinating, updating, and maintaining the Multi-Year Budget Projection.
  • Elected Officials, agency directors, and department directors are responsible for providing information, as requested by the Director of Budget and Financial Planning, in order to update and maintain the Multi-Year Budget Projection.

Resolution No. 122-02
Revision Number: 015-14
Date of Last Review: Adopted 12-19-02, Revised 04-03-14