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It is the policy of the BOCC to maintain a reserve in the County’s Mental Health Fund between 8% and 12% of budgeted annual Mental Health Fund expenditures.

Any Mental Health Fund reserve amounts in excess of 12% are one-time revenues and shall be used according to section 120.6 Use of One-time and Unpredictable Revenues.

If the County’s Mental Health Fund reserve falls below 8% of budgeted annual Mental Health Fund expenditures, the Mental Health Board and staff shall work in conjunction with the County Manager to submit a recommended plan to the BOCC, as soon as practical but not to exceed 90 days following receipt of notice from the Director of Budget and Financial Planning and the Director of Financial Management, to rebuild the reserve to the minimum level.

Resolution No. 122-02
Revision Number: Original
Date of Last Review: Adopted 12-19-02 Revised 02-28-13