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Frequent Questions: Lineage Logistics Facility at New Century

Application Process / Approval

The Airport Commission began discussing the proposed facility in late 2016 and approved the option to lease the land to Lineage on December 7, 2016. The development plan went through a review process and public hearing with citizen input at the Zoning Board. It then went through review by the Board of County Commissioners. At the regularly scheduled public meeting, the BOCC considered the appropriate land use factors in arriving at its decision to approve the Lineage Logistics application.

The Zoning Board considered a development plan for the facility and approved it on May 24, 2017 after a public hearing, and recommended approval of the plan to the Board of County Commissioners. 

The BOCC discussed the plan in an agenda review session June 22, 2017, and again at a regular Board meeting on July 6, 2017 with public input, voting to approve the plan on that date. The meeting information is all online under the Board of County Commissioners section of the Johnson County Government website (www.jocogov.org). To watch past and current meetings of the BOCC, go to http://lims.jocogov.org/sirepub/eventresults.aspx?return=3&pagetype=calendar  

Public Notification

There was opportunity for public comment at the Airport Commission, Zoning Board and BOCC meetings. The state statute requires property owners within 1,000 feet of the property being developed to be notified of the application, and Johnson County followed all state statutes. 

Location Chosen

Industrial uses at the New Century AirCenter have been in place since and before the Olathe Naval Station transferred the land from the federal government to the county in 1973. The entire airport area is zoned industrial. A cold storage facility is compatible with the land use designation. Proximity to potential customers and access to rail are important for these type of facilities.

Like many industrial areas across the country, there are homes, schools and other businesses located nearby, and the AirCenter has a number of facilities that contain regulated materials. Today this property has wide use of industrial activity from aircraft services to manufacturing services to various kinds of food processing.

Current Usage of Anhydrous Ammonia in Johnson County

There are currently three facilities in the industrial park that use anhydrous ammonia as a refrigerant in their business, and those businesses have been there for decades, the first in 1979. There are no facilities at the AirCenter where the anhydrous ammonia is manufactured, processed, stored or distributed. The anhydrous ammonia is used only as a component of the refrigeration system. There are established regulations under federal law for the proper and safe use of the anhydrous ammonia. 

Yes, there are nine other locations in Johnson County cities where anhydrous ammonia is used primarily in refrigerant facilities and farm supply operations. Those facilities and the use of anhydrous ammonia as a refrigerant have a history of proven safety.

According to their plans, Lineage Logistics will use approximately 40,000 lbs of anhydrous ammonia in their closed loop system. If it were operating today, Lineage Logistics would not be the largest user of anhydrous ammonia at the airport or in the county (based on what other facilities are currently reporting). 

Safety Concerns

The county requires facilities to comply with all local, state and federal regulations and standards.  The county does not have authority to regulate the use of chemicals (anhydrous ammonia) for regulatory standards. EPA and OSHA are the regulatory agencies for this type of facility. EPA has specific requirements of the owners to ensure they are following the proper protocols to prevent issues; and OSHA standards must also be followed.

This is an airport tenant and zoning land-use issue for the county. In both areas (tenant and land use), the county requires the property user to fully comply with all state and federal laws and requirements for their operations, including the use and handling of all regulated chemicals and substances. All these federal requirements are in place to ensure safety.

Yes, at the time specific building plans are presented to the county, planning staff will review those plans to ensure they meet the requirements needed to operate safely, based on the facility’s planned operations. In addition, we require that all facilities subject to state and federal regulation comply with the state and federal safety requirements and guidelines. 

Should an accident happen, the county has emergency plans in place and works closely with local emergency responders to ensure actions are taken to keep the public safe.

Our priority is to take every prudent step necessary to make sure the public remains safe throughout the county whether living near this facility or anywhere in the county.

First responders in Johnson County maintain procedures, protocols and guidelines specifying response actions for incidents involving regulated materials. These response agencies would determine the appropriate public safety action including the need to evacuate people from unsafe areas or if an evacuation is not feasible, the Incident Commander for the response may consider isolating people from any hazard by instructing them to stay indoors and away from outside air.

The county has emergency plans in place and works closely with local emergency responders to ensure actions are taken to keep the public safe. This includes involvement from our Emergency Management Office, the Sheriff’s Office, and Fire District #1, and other response agencies through our mutual aid agreements, which plan for various circumstances that might affect the county.

For the county’s emergency plans, see https://www.jocogov.org/dept/emergency-management/emergency-management-program/county-emergency-plans. Emergency Support Function 10 addresses the county’s response to hazardous materials.

Next Steps for the Project

Lease negotiations will need to be concluded, and building plans submitted to planning staff which will require review for building code compliance and safe operations of the facility. 

Additional Information on Lineage Logistics

Yes, in the initial planning process, Lineage Logistics provided its plans. The Lineage Logistics facility is proposed to be approximately 400,000  square feet,. Lineage Logistics also plans to provide approximately 300 jobs and will be making an $85 million investment.

There is information available on Lineage Logistics’ website about this project at www.lineagelogistics.com/new-century.