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Why isn't the county going to sell the property where the existing courthouse is?

If a new courthouse is built, the county will keep the property where the current courthouse is and turn that area into green space. The county has looked into the idea of selling the property where the existing courthouse is, but has determined not to do this for the following reasons. The primary reason is the tunnel that connects the Central Booking Facility to the courthouse runs under the property where the existing courthouse is and this allows officials to take inmates securely through the tunnel over to the courthouse for court appearances. Even with a new courthouse built to the north, the current tunnel will remain in the same location and simply be extended to connect to the new courthouse.

The second reason to keep the property is to provide for future growth for many decades. A strategic facilities master plan for the county addresses this in more detail online: https://www.jocogov.org/dept/facilities/strategic-facilities-master-plan. The county's master plan requires the land be kept for future use in case the county's growth requires additional building space at some point in the future. That is not anticipated now, but planners don't want the county to be landlocked and not be able to plan for future growth. Please see this slide presentation on our website (slide 9) regarding the future look of downtown if the public safety sales tax passes: http://www.jocogov.org/sites/default/files/documents/CMO/County-presentation-to-community-groups-July-2016.pdf