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If the vote for a new courthouse does not pass, where will the estimated $216 million to renovate the current courthouse come from?

If the sales tax isn't approved, the county will be required to come up with much more revenue to support the existing facility, and this will need to come from sources such as property tax and/or reduction in county services which range from mental health, corrections dept., Med-Act, development supports, to a variety of other services offered to our residents. No decision has been made as to where cuts would come from, but these would be on top of ongoing cuts the State of Kansas makes which are then passed on to counties and cities to pick up costs or reduce services locally. 

Click here for details regarding the approximately $216 million needed to expand and renovate the current building compared to the approximately $182 million needed for a new building. One of the main reasons it would be more expensive is because the existing courthouse would have to remain functional while the renovation and expansion take place. The project would take an estimated 13 years to complete. Additionally, it will cost approximately $155 million more over the next 20 years to operate and maintain the existing courthouse when compared to a new facility because of the aging infrastructure and inefficiencies of the building.