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Why would it cost $34 million more to renovate and add on to the existing building than it would cost to build a new building?

If we do not move forward with building a new courthouse (which would cost about $182 million and take four years to build) the alternative is to spend an estimated $215.5 million (based on a 2009 study, which includes projected inflation) on a 13-year renovation project. One reason it would cost so much and take so long is because we’d be doing construction on an occupied building; thus the project would have to be done in phases so the court system could continue to operate in that building while construction is going on. One of the big challenges with that alternative is that it doesn’t set us up for the future because the aging building will still cost more to maintain and operate than a new building (approximately $155 million more over 20 years than a new facility). Renovating and adding on to the current building also won’t address many of the accessibility/ADA concerns and safety/security issues with inmate movement in public areas. To resolve those, it would require gutting parts of the building because the current layout doesn’t allow for the needed changes. We encourage you to visit http://www.jocogov.org/cost-details for a breakdown of the $182 million (build new) and $215.5 million (renovate and add on to existing building). A six minute video at www.jocopublicsafety.org also discusses this issue.