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How is this going to improve our county’s court system?

One way it will help is to alleviate the problem the current courthouse has with inmate circulation. With the current building’s configuration there are times when inmates going into and out of courtrooms must be walked through public hallways, often near people involved with their trial, be they victims, victims’ family members, witnesses, jurors, etc. This can lead to intimidation or emotional distress for these individuals and even retraumatization of victims. Other ways building a new courthouse will improve the court system include: solving accessibility/ADA problems (many places inside and outside of courtrooms are difficult or impossible for people in wheelchairs to access and only one wheelchair at a time can use the lift up and down the stairs, making a quick emergency evacuation impossible for those individuals); providing new technology to aid in presenting evidence during trials; providing more courtrooms to alleviate the current problem of overcrowded courtrooms ; and providing space for mediation and attorney/client meetings (which today are often conducted in public hallways).