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Where will people park if we build a new courthouse?

Should a new courthouse be constructed on the proposed site (directly north of the existing courthouse), the current parking lot directly to the west of the new courthouse site will be available to the public visiting the courthouse. There are a number of public parking lots in the downtown area and street parking, and the parking garage at the corner of Loula and Cherry would continue to serve the new courthouse. The parking study associated with the concept development for this project indicated more than 1,600 public parking spaces would be within 1,200 feet of the new courthouse. ADA parking will be provided in accordance with the law, meaning the appropriate number of ADA parking spaces will be placed in close proximity to the new courthouse building. The county and the city will continue to work together to assess and respond to parking needs in downtown Olathe associated with the construction of a new courthouse. There are around 45 secure underground parking spaces (under the proposed new building) for the District Attorney, judges, deputies, etc. are included in the project scope.