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Who do I talk to about digging a pond?

Johnson County has no jurisdiction for ponds on private property except for erosion and sedimentation control. Call the NRCS for advice on ponds. Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRSC), Paola Service Center (913) 294-3751.

No part of the pond or dam should be within 110 feet of the center of the road for section line roads or within 50 feet of the Right of Way Line for local roads.

Do not place fill or regrade the land in a FEMA flood plain. Check the flood insurance rate maps for your pond location. If in a flood plain a Flood Plain Development Permit is required. Contact Planning at 913-715-2214.


If the area being disturbed by the pond construction is greater than 1 acre you will need a land disturbance permit from Johnson County. Contact Sarah Smith 913-715-8330 Sarah.Smith@jocogov.org or Keith Markway 913-715-8308 Keith.Markway@jocogov.org.   There is additional information concerning ponds at Johnson County Extension http://www.johnson.k-state.edu/natural-resources/pond-management/index.html