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What happens if I don't pay my personal property taxes on time?

  • If the first half of the personal property taxes are not paid by December 20th, the full tax amount plus interest becomes due starting December 21st. Delinquent notices for personal property are sent out the middle of February. If they are not paid, then warrants are issued. Warrants are issued 30 days after notices are mailed. Tax warrants go to the Johnson County Sheriff Delinquent Personal Property Tax Division for collection of delinquent taxes, interest and sheriff fees. Payments are payable to the Johnson County Treasurer.
  • If the taxpayer paid the first half of their personal property on time, the second half of the personal property taxes are due on or before May 10th. If these taxes are not paid by May 10th, interest will begin to accrue.
  • Delinquent personal property tax notices are mailed in June. If they are not paid, tax warrants are issued by the 15th of July. All warrants must be paid at the Johnson County Treasurer's Office.
  • Kansas State Law (KSA 19-547) requires delinquent personal property to be advertised in October and a publication fee of $15 will be assessed.
  • KSA 79-2017: Failure to receive any such tax notice shall not relieve such person, firm or company from any interest and cost.