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What regulations does Unincorporated Johnson County enforce in regards to blasting?

A complete set of blasting regulations may be requested by the building codes department at any time.

A summary of the blasting regulations are as follows. Blasting will not be permitted within eighty feet of any building structure unless given special approval by the building codes department. All blasters must be licensed and trained to perform their duties. The blaster must provide pre-blast surveys for structures within 600’ of the blasting operations. The blaster must also notify all occupants within 1,500 feet of the blasting operations. Warning signs, signals, and access control must be provided prior to any blasts. Maximum airblast (dB) levels vary depending on the type of seismograph used, but generally the maximum limit is 134 d(B). The maximum allowable ground vibration (PPV) is 1.0 in/s for blasts occurring between 0 ft. and 5,000 ft. Blasts farther than 5,001 ft. away must be below 0.75 in/s PPV.

Violation of any provision of the blasting regulations shall be a public offense, punishable as a Class I Infraction.