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How is high-risk exposure compared to low-risk exposure in schools?

Generally, high-risk in schools means unmasked exposure within six feet for longer than 10 minutes. Low-risk is when a positive case and contacts are both masked and were more than six feet (three feet for elementary children in some cases) apart (this guidance is different than guidance for the general public). JCDHE staff and school personnel collaborate to thoroughly investigate these exposures. There will be times when parents are unable to “see” their child’s exposure in this guidance and will feel that their child should not be excluded. In these cases, there is often additional information revealed during the investigation that led to quarantine recommendations. In order to protect the privacy of all individuals involved, these details will not be made public. These situations can be frustrating, but it is important to know that JCDHE does not take the recommendation to quarantine lightly. We thank you for acting in a manner that protects others from being exposed to the virus.