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What is Johnson County Government doing in terms of transparency and communication?

Johnson County has a public information office that provides communication for the county government as a whole, as well as several communications professionals in the various departments and agencies.

The Public Information Office provides media relations support with information to local news sources on topics relevant to the community. Additionally, it manages social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Nextdoor. All residents and businesses in the county receive JoCo Magazine, and residents aged 60-plus receive The Best Times. Both publications provide information on county programs and resources. Residents can also voluntarily sign up for a quarterly e-newsletter that provides county government programs and news as well.

Agendas, meeting minutes, presentation materials, and live and archived videos of the Board of County Commissioners meetings are available online. Information about each department, the county budget, annual citizen surveys and more are available for residents on jocogov.org.

For residents who wish to receive the weekly email of the Board of County Commissioners agendas, please email BOCC-Clerk@jocogov.org.