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My neighbor has trash in their yard and two wrecked vehicles in their driveway; what can the county do to help me?

County code enforcement programs apply only to the unincorporated area (outside city limits). If you
do not know whether or not a property is inside a city, please contact our office and we can help direct
you to the proper authorities.

The Planning Department administers two (2) code enforcement programs: 1) building codes and 2)
zoning/land use codes.

Building Codes: While most of the building codes program is about overseeing new construction and
renovation of existing buildings, code enforcement in buildings is sometimes necessary due to life
safety issues, changes of use/occupancy, and in cases of unsafe/dilapidated buildings.

Zoning/Land Use Codes: The zoning/land use code enforcement program primarily addresses
prohibited land uses, things such as the number and location of RVs and hauling trailers, keeping of 
animals, outdoor storage of inoperable/wrecked vehicles, and outdoor accumulations of junk, trash and

Citizens can make inquiries or complaints through the department email contacts by calling the Planning Department at 913-