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Integrated Management Plan

Johnson County Wastewater is conducting a Request for Proposals (RFP) selection process to identify a firm to help refine its Integrated Management Plan.

JCW has already developed Phase 1 of the plan, and the firm chosen during this RFP process will help JCW develop phase 2 of the plan.

About the Integrated Management Plan

JCW is responsible for providing sanitary sewer services for more than 500,000 people in the County. To meet these commitments, JCW must continually manage, maintain and improve a variety of infrastructure assets, including:

•    6 major wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs)
•    31 pump stations
•    2,300 miles of gravity sewer lines
•    58,000 manholes
•    23 miles of low-pressure sewers
•    42 miles of force mains

To continue providing the same high level of service, JCW understands that future program improvements will need to be prioritized in a way that balances water quality benefit, system growth and asset renewal needs.

In 2012, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the Integrated Municipal Stormwater and Wastewater Planning Approach Framework to provide more flexibility in prioritizing and implementing long-term holistic solutions. This flexibility will allow us to balance social and environmental priorities with the need to keep rates affordable for our customers. 

Using this framework, JCW used a streamlined approach to develop a Phase 1 Integrated Management Plan for the next 25 years.  This Phase 1 Plan is provided here:

Executive Summary

Full Report

During the Phase 1 plan development, JCW identified data gaps and areas where further study was needed to fully inform the long-term plan. JCW also identified the need for a more comprehensive stakeholder outreach program. 

During the future Phase 2 effort, JCW will use the additional information and stakeholder input to revise the long-term prioritization schedule.

Learn more about the RFP

Interested parties can find more information about this RFP through the County’s IonWave online bidding software: https://jocogov.ionwave.net/Login.aspx