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Engineering Public Projects: Gardner Lake

Kill Creek #2, Lateral Sewer District #1

Current Status

The construction of the Gardner Lake Low Pressure Sewer project is complete. JCW staff is currently working on closeout items with the consulting engineer including record drawings. As soon as all items are completed by the engineer and all costs associated with the project have been paid, an apportionment hearing will be scheduled. JCW anticipates this public hearing will be held early this summer. Once a date has been set, all the property owners within Lateral Sewer District No.1 of Kill Creek No. 2 will be notified by mail of the hearing. At the public hearing, staff will explain the breakdown of all project costs that will be apportioned to each property.

This is the estimated project cost sheet.

  • ADDITIONAL FUNDING INFORMATION: On June 18, 2015, a resolution to authorize additional funds to provide low pressure sewers to serve Lateral District No. 1 of Kill Creek No. 2 (LSD 1 of KC02) was presented to the Johnson County Board of Commissioners. The additional amount was $2,403,893, revising the total project authorization to an amount not to exceed $10,735,671. At the same meeting, the Board voted to authorize a contract with J&N Utilities, Inc., to construct Lateral Sewer District No. 1 of Kill Creek No. 2 for an amount not to exceed $7,409,542. Electrical Associates LLC was also authorized to construct the residential electrical portion of Lateral Sewer District No. 1 of Kill Creek No. 2 for an amount not to exceed $537,327.80. Once all contracts are signed, a pre-construction conference will be held with the contractors and a Notice to Proceed will be issued. Construction is anticipated to begin in August 2015. This link takes you to a video of the June 18 BoCC meeting.
  • Please call Johnson County Wastewater's Senior Engineering Technician at 913-715-8556 with any questions about the project or Low Pressure Sewers (LPS).

Video Recording - Info Meeting - Study Area No.1 of Kill Creek Sewer District No.2 4-2011

Background and Objectives

Following three requests for information meetings (the required number) by area residents, Johnson County Wastewater staff studied how this area might be best served by sanitary sewers, planned proposed sewers, and developed cost estimates. The project will serve approximately 85 acres and 352 properties around the Gardner Lake area with LPS. The proposed district consists of a residential neighborhood of 279 homes which are served by septic tanks. These sewers would provide service to all existing homes and vacant lots that could be developed in the proposed sewer district. The link above shows the proposed sewer district with the main lines.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) administers a State Revolving Fund Loan Program (SRF) and has approved financing for this project. The program allows for a low interest loan from the state for a 20 year period to residents in the proposed district. It also calls for a 40 percent principal forgiveness (essentially, a grant) on the project. This program also offers financing for the installation of the grinder pump unit and connection fees for each home. Those properties that are “not assessed” will pay nothing. This color-coded map shows which properties are and which are not assessed.

A petition bearing signatures of owners of 57.9 percent (51 percent is the minimum required) of the land area in the proposed district requesting the installation of low pressure sewers was submitted to the County. A Public Hearing was held on Aug. 22, 2011. On Sept. 15, 2011, the Johnson County Board of Commissioners voted to approve the Gardner Lake Pressure Sewer Project. On March 8, 2012, the Board approved the KDHE SRF Loan Agreement for the project.

Project Facts

  1. Consistent with other similar projects, Johnson County Wastewater’s capital fund will pay for some of the proposed project costs. In this case, it is estimated that the department will pay for approximately 63 percent of the overall project cost to construct the main lines. This reduces the overall assessment for each property owner. The remaining costs will be paid for by a benefit district. The boundary of the proposed district is shown on the two map links above.
  2. Low pressure sewers are the only type of sewers feasible for this proposed area due to the topography of the land.
  3. Johnson County Wastewater provides 24 hour service to homes on grinder pumps via a contract provider. There is no separate charge for this service. During power outages longer than four (4) hours, Johnson County Wastewater's contractor is required to power individual units with a portable generator.
  4. Based on the current alignment, this project will consist of:
    1. Total estimated project cost prior to 40 percent principle forgiveness
      •  $4.6 M sewer mains, $6.1 M LPS pumps, $1.0 M connection costs
      •  Estimated length of sewer line: approximately 30,000 feet
    2. Estimated project cost to each assessed property after 40 percent principle forgiveness
      •  $191 (main) + $992 (pump) per year if spread over 20 years. See project cost sheet link above for more details and additional costs.

Key Contacts

Senior Engineering Technician, 913-715-8556
New Development Engineer, 913-715-8532