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Next Steps

If your property is eligible for the Backup Prevention Program, you will be emailed information that includes: 

  1. Approval letter with additional details about program.
  2. A program agreement you must sign before the contractor does any work.
  3. A copy of a release you will sign once the contractor completes the work.
  4. List of plumbing contractors who have performed work on JCW programs in past.

Once you receive the above information, please contact at least two plumbing contractors for written estimates of comparable methods of preventing sanitary sewer backups .

Submit copies of your estimates and agreements by email or mail them to:
Johnson County Wastewater
ATTN: Troy Young
4800 Nall Avenue
Mission, KS 66202

5.  Review of estimates and agreement, authorization of funds will be for the lowest dollar amount of comparable estimates.
6. Authorization of Funds letter will be emailed to customer, it provides authorized funding amount from JCW’s Backup Prevention Program.
7. Schedule the work with plumbing contractor of your choice. The contractor is responsible for all permits and city inspections.
8. Once the final plumbing contactors invoice is received, a final verification site visit of the work authorized by JCW’s Backup Prevention Program will be scheduled with customer.
9. If customer has not returned a signed program Release form, one will need to be signed at time of final verification site visit (Release will need to be signed for JCW to issue payment).

JCW can make payment directly to plumbing contractor or reimburse customer for authorized cost. If customer reimbursement is payment option additional steps will be needed.

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