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Phone: 913-715-8500

11811 S. Sunset Drive, Suite 2500, Olathe, Kansas 66061

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Getting Started

Submit a Sanitary Sewer Backup Response Questionnaire or go to https://jcw.preventbackups.com/#/new/0 and complete online questionnaire.

Once the online questionnaire is received the following will be reviewed for eligibility . If property does not meet these requirements you will be contacted.

  • Is the property within JCW service area?
  • Determine if property is in a flood-prone area?
  • Determine if neighbors have also experiencing sanitary sewer backups?
  • Check JCW’s history of cleaning and televising of the main lines?

Once we determine whether your property is eligible for the program, we will contact you to schedule a time and date for a site evaluation to discuss the reported water issues.

You will be notified if your property qualities for the Backup Prevention Program at this time.

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