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Contractor Qualifications

Johnson County Wastewater has compiled a list of contractors for your convenience only. Contractors on the list are interested in the program and have attended an informational meeting about the program.

You’re not obligated to employ a contractor on the list. You have a right to obtain a bid from any contractor.

Contractors performing work under this program shall maintain commercial general liability, including completed Operations coverage with a minimum limit of $500,000 combined single limit property damage and bodily injury liability, and Worker's Compensation coverage, if required by the State of Kansas or Missouri, depending on the place of business. Missouri contractors who maintain Worker's Compensation coverage shall have an "All States" endorsement included on their coverage.

Johnson County Wastewater does not endorse or recommend contractors for the purpose of installing backup prevention devices or the installation of sewage ejector pump systems. Any contractor who generates numerous complaints from property owners or neglects to perform quality workmanship shall be removed from the list at the discretion of Johnson County Wastewater.


JCW does not specify any make or model of backup prevention device or preferred method.

  • The contractor is responsible for all permits and city inspections.
  • The plumbing contractor should take photos of the work and provide copies with the plumber’s final invoice.
  • All work performed under the Backup Prevention Program will be warranted by the contractor for a period of not less than one (1) year following the date of installation.

>> Recommended annual maintenance on the Backup Prevention Device