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Engineering Public Projects: Overview

Investing in Our Infrastructure

Johnson County is a community that is thriving both socially and economically. This continued prosperity is strengthened by having reliable and sustainable wastewater networks with the capacity to support the community. Johnson County Wastewater's Engineering Group manages sewer design and construction projects throughout the County. These improvements are being built so that we can continue to provide you, our customers, with reliable sanitary sewer service.

Living With Construction

Johnson County Wastewater does all it can to minimize the impact of sanitary sewer construction on people who live and work in the project areas. Sometimes this work goes unnoticed because it often takes place underground. But occasionally work must be done in streets or alleys near homes or businesses. We take care to reduce noise, dust, traffic, and any other potential construction nuisance to a minimum. We also meet with and mail updates to impacted neighbors before and during construction to get their input and provide them with progress reports.

Sewer Expansion

The traditional method for enlarging Johnson County Wastewater’s sewer service area is to petition to add the described land to the Consolidated Main Sewer District (CMSD).  The enlargement process is described in the link below. Publically-financed main sewers do not serve every parcel of land within a watershed, but provide the backbone of the sewer system.  Branch lines which extend from these publically-financed main sewers are privately financed by the property owners.


Service Area Brochure explains the costs and process of bringing properties into the Johnson County Wastewater Service Area for sanitary sewers.

Contract District Brochure explains the costs and process of creating a Contract District within the Johnson County Wastewater Service Area for sanitary sewers.