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Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) is asking Johnson County residents to complete a short survey in order to understand how many people in Johnson County have or do not have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). The survey will close at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 10.

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Privately Financed Sewer Main Projects

Privately-Financed Gravity Main Extension, Relocation, Removal, and/or In-Place Abandonment Projects.

The following documents are provided to guide the developer, engineer, and other interested parties through the Privately-Financed Sanitary Sewer Main Project review and acceptance processes. Plans for privately-financed sanitary sewer main extension, relocation, removal, in-place-abandonment, and/or replat projects within Johnson County Wastewater's service area are required to be submitted to the department for review in compliance with the requirements of Johnson County Wastewater and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Requirements for plans and other project documents are also included. Once Johnson County Wastewater has received all required project document submittals, please allow up to 14 calendar days to receive initial review comments and up to seven (7) calendar days to receive comments for all subsequent submittals.

Johnson County Wastewater's Procedures for Privately-Financed Gravity Main Projects 

These are the procedures required for a project to become a part of the Johnson County Wastewater sanitary sewer system. Requirement information is included for project plan review, approval, and release; project construction, inspection, and acceptance; and construction record (“as-built”) drawing review and acceptance. A list is included of specific department personnel who may be contacted regarding each topic listed in paragraphs A thru R of this document. Engineering design standards are included in the Minimum Plan Requirements document.

Johnson County Wastewater's Minimum Plan Requirements for Gravity Main Projects

These are the engineering design requirements for submittals, district enlargement, plan preparation, review fees, sewer system design, easements, and drafting standards for sanitary sewer main projects in compliance with Johnson County Wastewater's and KDHE's standards. Please email Johnson County Wastewater's Privately-Financed Main Project Group with any questions about the information included in this document.

Consolidated Main Sewer District Map

Maps of Johnson County Wastewater's sanitary sewer system can be viewed on the Johnson County AIMS Mapping System.

Sanitary Sewer System Maps 

Johnson County Wastewater District Enlargement

All areas served by sanitary sewer mains under the jurisdiction of Johnson County Wastewater must be within the legally-created Consolidated Main Sewer District (CMSD). If the project area is not within the CMSD, the property owner will need to petition for enlargement into the CMSD. To identify whether a project area is within a Johnson County Wastewater CMSD area:

  • Use the AIMS mapping link directions above.
  • Select the “JCW Sewer Districts” box under the “Utility Layers” directory.
  • Then select “Redraw” to display. The Johnson County Wastewater CMSD areas are cross-hatched in yellow. If the project area is not within the Johnson County Wastewater CMSD, it may be an area that is currently in the department's planning or design/construction process.
  • To determine if the project area is in process, please select one of the Status of Proposed Districts and Study Areas Map.

The information available through these sources may not be the most current. Please email the Engineering Technician or call 913-715-8533 for the most current and accurate information.

Johnson County Wastewater's Drafting Standards 

This is a sample plan and profile sheet highlighting many important Johnson County Wastewater drawing standards. Plans submitted to Johnson County Wastewater for review shall incorporate these standards. Please email Johnson County Wastewater's Privately-Financed Main Project Group  with any questions about the information included in this document.

Johnson County Wastewater's Standard Detail Sheet [pdf] [dwg in zip file]

Each main project plan set shall include a detail sheet which incorporates required details from the Standard Detail sheet, along with any other required project specific details. Please email Johnson County Wastewater's Privately-Financed Main Project Group with any questions about the information included in this document.

Johnson County Wastewater's Standard Specifications

All privately-financed main projects shall be constructed in accordance with Johnson County Wastewater's Construction and Materials Specification for Sanitary Sewers.

Developer Bond Option 

This document includes the Developer Bond Option forms and instructions for completing the forms. The project developer is required to provide a Bond Option in the amount of $300 per manhole (new and existing) within the project area. The minimum Developer Bond Option amount is $900. The form may be completed on the website and printed for submittal to Johnson County Wastewater. Please email Johnson County Wastewater's Permit Group or call 913-715-8520 with questions about the information included in this document. The Developer Bond Option and the Contractor Maintenance Bond are required prior to sewer connection permit issuance for buildings within the project area.

Privately-Financed Main Project Contractor Requirements

Johnson County Wastewater's Contractor List 

The sanitary sewer contractor for each Privately-Financed Main Project shall be listed on the Contractor List. Please email Johnson County Wastewater's New Development Engineering Manager or call 913-715-8531 with any questions.

Johnson County Wastewater's Contractor Listing Questionnaire

Contractors who are not listed on the Contractor List may submit a completed questionnaire for departmental consideration. An audited financial statement is required to be submitted with the completed questionnaire. Allow at least two weeks for review of the questionnaire and audited financial statement. Please email Johnson County Wastewater's New Development Engineering Manager or call 913-715-8531 with any questions.

Contractor Maintenance Bond

This document includes the Contractor Maintenance Bond form and instructions for completing the form. The project sanitary sewer contractor is required to provide the bond in the amount of 50 percent of the project’s sanitary sewer construction cost. Please email Johnson County Wastewater's Permit Group or call 913-715-8520 for assistance in completing the Maintenance Bond form. The Contractor Maintenance Bond and the Developer Bond Option are required prior to sewer connection permit issuance for buildings within the project area.


Building Connection Permitting

Please see the Residential Building Sanitary Sewer Permitting and the Commercial Building Sanitary Sewer Permitting pages for information on the permitting processes for building construction.