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Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicles

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Notice of Available Funds

This site displays the information necessary for Johnson County financial institutions to bid on available funds owned by Johnson County Government. Please note the amount of funds available and the maturity date, as well as the deadline for submission of bid. All bids must be for the full amount of available funds. Johnson County accepts GSE bonds, Treasuries and Federal Home Loan Bank letters of credit as collateral.

If any financial institution has a need for a lesser amount of funds please contact Jeff Sullivan.

Date:  8-25-2021

Available Funds for Wednesday 8-25-21:  $5.0 million

Requested maturity date:  $5.0 million as close to but not later than 1-20-23.

Please e-mail or phone in your bid by: 9:30AM on Wednesday 8-25-21.

E-mail to: [email protected]
Phone: 913-715-0531


Investment Policy Objectives

Quarterly Report - Q2 -2021