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Records and Tax Administration

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Tax Unit Maps

The taxing units and their boundaries may be changed through our normal business processes and the updated mapping changes will be posted as soon as possible.

Kansas Data Access and Support Center

Download ESRI Shapefile & AutoCAD DWG file of 2012 Tax Units

Previous Year's Maps:

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Tax Unit Codes

TU Codes:

UW (ex..0611UW) | Unified Wastewater
UC (ex..0738UC) | Unified Wastewater and Contract District
T (ex..0455T) | TIF Districts
UT (ex..0745UT) | Unified Wastewater and TIF District
N (ex..0460N) | Neighborhood Revitalization
PP (ex..0612PP) | Olathe-Indian Creek Mid Basin
PT (ex..0727PT) | Olathe-Indian Creek Mid Basin and TIF District