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Records and Tax Administration

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Tax Unit Maps

The taxing units and their boundaries may be changed through our normal business processes and the updated mapping changes will be posted as soon as possible.

Kansas Data Access and Support Center

Download ESRI Shapefile & AutoCAD DWG file of 2012 Tax Units

Previous Year's Maps:

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Tax Unit Codes

TU Codes:

UW (ex..0611UW) | Unified Wastewater
UC (ex..0738UC) | Unified Wastewater and Contract District
T (ex..0455T) | TIF Districts
UT (ex..0745UT) | Unified Wastewater and TIF District
N (ex..0460N) | Neighborhood Revitalization
PP (ex..0612PP) | Olathe-Indian Creek Mid Basin
PT (ex..0727PT) | Olathe-Indian Creek Mid Basin and TIF District


Tax Roll Reports

The Tax Roll is actually a combination of three separate assessment rolls: the Real Estate Roll, the Personal Property Roll and the State Assessed Roll. Collectively, the assessed valuation from these three rolls is used in determining the mill levies and tax calculations.

The Real Estate Roll is a collection of real estate properties including ownership, legal descriptions, addresses, tax units, calculated tax and special assessments. Johnson County has over 186,000 parcels on the Real Estate Roll.

The Personal Property Roll is a collection of all taxable personal property. Personal Property may be defined as those items that may be moved without damage to the item or real estate. The Appraiser's office updates and maintains some Personal Property Roll information.

The State Assessed Roll consists of utility owned or leased properties in the county. The State values these properties and certifies the value to the Department of Records and Tax Administration for determination of the mill levies and tax calculations.

Most information on the tax roll is public record. Access to ownership and mailing address information is subject to the provisions of K.S.A. 21-3914, which prohibits the use of this information for solicitation purposes. To protect the integrity of the data, tax roll information is not available for download or transfer by tape or diskette.

Abstract/Mill Levy

Abstract/MIll Levy

Current year and Tax Roll Reports, including Mill Levies by Taxing Authority, Mill Levies by Taxing Unit, and the Annual Abstract of Taxes are available here. The tax roll is created based on fair market values provided by the County Appraiser. After calculation, taxes are collected by the County Treasurer.

Abstract/Mill Levy Reports

Annual Abstract of Taxes

City And Township Mill Levies By Taxing Unit

Mill Levies by Taxing Authority

Tax Authority Mill Levies by Taxing Unit