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Historical Photo Collection

The Johnson County Archives owns a collection of over 1,000 photographs of historic interest. These photographs are available for online searching at JoCoHistory.net along with those of other institutions in Johnson County.

JoCoHistory is a collaborative presentation of the history of Johnson County, Kansas made possible by following organizations: Johnson County Museums, Johnson County Library, Olathe Public Library, and the Johnson County Archives.

The Johnson County Archives collects photographs that are integral to any Johnson County, Kansas Government department, office, or agencies records. There are processing procedures in place for handling these types of items such as those shown in the Johnson County Archives photograph collection.

However, The Johnson County Archives does not actively collect photographs from members of the public. Those with photographs are directed to contact the Johnson County Museums.

How to Order Reproductions of Historical Photos:

Photographic reproductions from the Johnson County Archives collection are available in digital form, either as a CD, or in the case of small files, as an e-mail attachment. Photographs are available as either high or low-resolution versions. Payments must be made before photos are shipped.

Fill out the ‘’Request for Digital Photo Reproductions’’ order form indicating the number of the photograph (Resource ID Number), the title, and how you want the photograph sent to you. Note: in many cases, high-resolution photographs can only be sent on a CD by mail.

  •   Price per digital image $15.00
  •   Processing fee per each order $10.00

To request digital images from the Johnson County Archives photograph collection, please complete and sign ‘’Request for Digital Photo Reproductions’’ order form. Payment in full must accompany all orders.

Mail Request Form to:

Attention: Archivist Technician
Johnson County Archives & Records Management
19310 W. 159th St - Suite 1100
Olathe, Kansas 66062

Or fax order form to: 913-715-0405
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Rights Statement, Special Permission & Credit Statements

Any use of the photographs must give the Johnson County Archives credit, each photo must be fully and properly credited as follows: “Johnson County Archives & Records Management Department’’. Duplication of the photographs does not transfer ownership of either copyright or property. See  Rights Statement.

The photograph(s) must be used only once unless special permission is granted. The photograph(s) must be used only for the purpose stated in the ‘’Request for Digital Photo Reproductions’’ order form.

The Johnson County Archives reserves the right to refuse to make reproductions in cases that might violate copyright.

The Johnson County Archives reserves the right to change its pricing structure at any time.

Digitization of the Johnson County Archives photo collection was made possible by grants from the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners through the Heritage Trust Fund (HTF) and the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS).