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Records and Tax Administration
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Archives Collection

The Archives has District Court Civil Cases from 1857-1939. These records are currently only indexed through 1899. If you are able to give the Archives staff a name and approximate date of the case then a search can be conducted in the Civil Appearance Dockets for a case number. With the case number staff can attempt to locate the case in the unprocessed case files. If you require a case after 1939, you must contact the Clerk of the District Court. Their number is 913-715-3480.

  • Marriage Records Index: available for grooms only until 1946, thereafter by bride and groom (1857 - 1969).
  • District Court Civil Cases: not fully processed, searchable only with case number which may be obtained from the Clerk of the District Court (1857 - 1939)
  • District Court Criminal Cases (1857 - 1969)
  • Probate Court Records (1857 - 1870)
  • Wills (1859 - 1968)
  • Records of Inventory and Appraisement (1897 - 1970)
  • Records of Settlements (1858 - 1946)
  • Administrators Settlement Records (1953 - 1970)
  • Guardians Settlement Records (1853 - 1970)
  • Petitions for Administrators & Guardians Letters (1893 - 1915)
  • Records of Letters and Bonds (1863 - 1941)

Naturalization Records

Naturalization records, while often quite helpful, can also be quite confusing since the process, forms, and point of origin have differed greatly over the years. The following information taken from the Nevada State Archives web site sheds some light on the evolution of this process.

The naturalization process began with an Act in 1790 that made naturalization possible for any free, white adult with four years of residency.

Prior to the formation of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1906 any federal, state or local Court of Record could confer citizenship. Before 1952 children under 21 received derivative citizenship and have no separate file. During this same time women received automatic citizenship by marriage after one year of residency and needed no Declaration of Intent.

The forms used for Naturalization documents have also varied. Before 1906, each court had its own form that required only the signatures of two witnesses. The forms issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service required far greater details including name, age, date and place of birth, occupation, physical description, current and former residences, Ports of Debarkation and Arrival, name of the ship, and date of arrival in the U.S. In 1912, names and birth dates of spouses and children were added.

Beginning in 1930, photographs were often included.

The normal process required two classes of documents. The Declaration of Intent was often filed upon arrival in order to begin establishment of residency without delay. With a copy of this filing in hand, final papers could be obtained from any court after residency requirements had been met. The final paper has four parts: Petition, which carries the most information; Affidavits of witnesses and petitioner; Oath of Allegiance; and Court Orders admitting, denial, or continuance.

Collection Items:

  • Naturalization Service Petition and Record 1907 - 1929
  • Declaration of Intention 1907 - 1952
  • Petitions for Naturalization 1923 - 1951
  • Orders of Court and Repatriations 1929 - 1951
  • Certificate of Naturalization 1907 - 1928
  • Final Naturalization Record 1872 - 1906
  • First Naturalization Record 1870 - 1906
  • Record of Declarations of Intention 1904 - 1906
  • Naturalization Record - General 1904 – 1906
  • Road Petitions Please see Public Works
  • Real Estate Tax Rolls 1862-1959 Accessed only through land location. These records provide the name of the property owner and amount of taxes paid.
  • Personal Property Tax Rolls 1888-c. 1905 Organized primarily by township these records often reflect in great detail the possessions of early residents. Although Personal Property tax rolls continue to exist the vast amount of detailed information available has long since disappeared.
  • School Records (not fully processed) The most useful of the school records in our collection are the Annual Reports of the District Clerk. We have these records from 1914 to 1959 and many include the names of teachers, name of student, birthday of student, age of student, address of student, and parents’ names.

In addition we also have other miscellaneous school records from the same basic time span including the following:

  • Common School Examinations
  • Department of Public Instruction Reports
  • Truancy Records
  • Teacher Examinations
  • Record of School Sessions
  • Record of Certificates Granted
  • Agricultural Extension Yearbooks During the early 20th Century the County Agricultural Agent not only served, as a vital source of information for the then rural county but many of its activities became the focus of social life for the citizens of the county. Their Annual Reports reflect these activities complete with photographs and agricultural statistics. Included in our holdings are Annual Reports of both the Agricultural Agent and the Home Demonstration Agent for many of the years between 1919 and 1968 as well as approximately 600 photographs.
  • Coroner Records Includes name, date, cause of death, and remarks 1888 – 1975
  • Last Copy Repository In an effort to help preserve the history of Johnson County, Kansas Government the Last Copy Repository was created. This area houses copies of newsletters, informational bulletins, studies, surveys and reports that were created by the offices of the Johnson County, Kansas Government.
  • Vertical File Newspaper clippings from 1985 to 2000. Primarily limited to significant events or individuals that have appeared in local newspapers in the recent past.
  • Olathe Justice of the Peace Civil Docket books 1890 – 1929
  • District Court Records Although not all inclusive our collection includes the minutes, journals, trial dockets, motion dockets, execution dockets, recognizance dockets, and bar dockets of the District Court.
  • Ephemeral Collections Druggists permits; Record of strays; Peddlers permits; Record of brands; Abstract of votes cast 1866; Ferry licenses 1870-1871; Druggist liquor receipts, 1918; Liquor delivery reports 1913-1919; WPA Survey forms, 1941.