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Public Works

Phone: 913-715-8300

1800 W. Old Highway 56, Olathe, KS 66061

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Watershed Maps

Watershed maps are accessible via Johnson County's Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS).

watershed map

Traffic Counts

Traffic count information is accessible via Johnson County's Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS).

traffic map

Survey & Mapping Records


PLEASE NOTE: Johnson County Public Works does not perform private surveys.
Visit https://ksls.com/Find-A-Surveyor to find a professional surveyor.


Johnson County Public Works maintains various public records such as:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Control Network Information - Available online through AIMS
  • Original Road Right-Of-Way Dedications - Available online through AIMS
  • Township-GPS Survey Plats - Available online through AIMS
  • Archived County Construction Plans - Contact Public Works
  • County Surveyor Notes And Plats - Contact Public Works
  • GLO Survey Notes And Plats - Contact Public Works
  • Certificates Of Survey - Contact Public Works
  • Land Survey Reference Reports filed with Public Works since the mid 1980s can be accessed here.


Ryan Hendrickson, County Surveyor



AIMS - Automated Information Mapping System

human services department

Whether you are a Johnson County citizen, a government organization, or a private corporation, AIMS will provide you with the right Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solution. We offer many services including map production, custom enterprise-level application development, and data development.

AIMS stands for Automated Information Mapping System and is a division of the Department of Technology and Innovation within Johnson County government. The mission of AIMS is to provide open, efficient, and enterprise access to spatial data at a reasonable cost to aid stakeholders in making more efficient and effective decisions. Ultimately, these decisions add value to the quality of life that our stakeholders have come to expect. To accomplish this mission, AIMS applies sound GIS principles with quality spatial data and effective distribution technologies to put AIMS services at the disposal of our stakeholders.