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Driveway Limitations

The Comprehensive Arterial Road Network Plan (CARNP) adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on January 7, 1999 reduces the number of driveways or streets that may be constructed along arterial roads (generally section line roads). In November 2000 these driveway limitations were incorporated into the county zoning and subdivision regulations. Driveways on residential streets inside subdivisions are not part of the CARNP, and different guidelines apply.


One focus of CARNP was to provide a safe roadway system and protect traffic capacity in order to minimize future construction costs. The number of driveways affects traffic safety, traffic capacity, and maintenance costs. CARNP addressed this issue by providing reasonable driveway restrictions along arterial roads. The number of driveways will be limited by driveway spacing requirements related to road frontage. The table below indicates the maximum number of driveways that your property may have based on the road frontage. Sight distance, drainage and other factors may reduce the available driveway locations. Also, there may be deed restrictions, or restrictions on the subdivision plat which may limit driveway numbers and locations.


Please keep in mind that you may want to split your property at a later date. If all available driveways are used on one portion of your property, the new owner may not be eligible for a driveway on the new tract unless you remove an existing driveway. Shared driveways are also an option in areas where there is not sufficient frontage.


      Section Line and Other Arterial Roads

                                   Required Road Frontage

 Roadway Type 

   No Driveway

  1 Driveway

  2 Driveways 

      Type I

  Less than 330



      Type II

  Less than 660



      Type III

 Less than 1,320 




Corner lots with less than required frontage are restricted to access on the side road. Driveway corner clearance at the intersection of two arterial roads is 600 ft.