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Public Advisory: Weather cancellations and closings for Friday, Jan. 24 ... | last updated: 01/24/2020 - 6:06am | + read more

These are the weather-related cancellations or closings for Friday, Jan. 24. We will make updates as we receive them.

Catch-a-Ride volunteer transportation services are cancelled for the day. Area Agency on Aging – Home Delivered Meals (Meals on Wheels) will not be delivered today. Nutrition Centers are closed today.

Get the latest on any Johnson County Park and Recreation District cancellations and closings at this link.

Public Works

Phone: 913-715-8300

1800 W. Old Highway 56, Olathe, KS 66061

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Frequent Questions

Please contact:

Geoffrey Vohs, P.E. at 913-715-8312 or Geoffrey.Vohs@jocogov.org 


Ryan Sims, P.E. at 913-715-8325 or Ryan.Sims@jocogov.org

If you are in the unincorporated area, you would speak to Dennis Stottlemire at 913-715-8367 or Dennis.Stottlemire@jocogov.org

If your property is within city limits, please contact the city.

Johnson County Public Works is responsible for maintaining and improving the roads and bridges in the unincorporated area.  The Public Works department also manages the Stormwater Management Program (SMP) and the County Assistance Road System (CARS) program.

Public Works is NOT responsible for water, trash, sewer, public transit, or parks; and we DO NOT work within city limits.

Road closings in the unincorporated area can be found on our Road Closings page.

For information on road closings within city limits, please contact the specific city.  For information on highway closures, please contact KDOT.



Johnson County has no jurisdiction for ponds on private property. Call the NRCS for advice on ponds. Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Paola Service Center 913-294-3751 or for more information click on the following link:  https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/site/ks/home/  Click on "Find a Service Center" in the middle of the page and then select Miami County from the State Map.

For code violations, contact Johnson County Planning, Development and Codes Department 913-715-2200 or www.jocogov.org/dept/planning-and-codes/home


Johnson County has no jurisdiction for ponds on private property except for erosion and sedimentation control. Call the NRCS for advice on ponds. Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRSC), Paola Service Center 913 294-3751.

No part of the pond or dam should be within 110 feet of the center of the road for section line roads or within 50 feet of the Right of Way Line for local roads.

Do not place fill or regrade the land in a FEMA flood plain. Check the flood insurance rate maps for your pond location. If in a flood plain a Flood Plain Development Permit is required. Contact the Johnson County Planning, Development and Codes Department at 913-715-2200.


If the area being disturbed by the pond construction is greater than 1 acre, you will need a land disturbance permit from Johnson County. Contact Keith Markway at 913-715-8308 or by email Keith.Markway@jocogov.org or Sarah Smith 913-715-8330 or by email Sarah.Smith@jocogov.org.  There is additional information concerning ponds at Johnson County K-State Research and Extension www.johnson.k-state.edu/natural-resources/pond-management/index.html

For entrance/driveway or utility inspections, please contact Rob Callahan 913-715-8363 or Rob.Callahan@jocogov.org

For building/home inspections, please contact Building Codes 913-715-2200 or www.jocogov.org/dept/planning-and-codes/bld/home