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General Information

Community land use plans represent the preferences of the local populace and express “how” and “where” development should occur. Good planning recognizes the need to balance the demands of growth with the need to maintain existing development and at the same time protect the environment and overall quality of life. Good planning facilitates orderly development patterns that maximize opportunities for choice and at the same time reflects the wise expenditure of limited public funds and resources. Towards these ends, community plans establish general guidelines for development.

Regardless of whether a Zoning Board recommends approval or disapproval of the application for a Rezoning, Conditional Use Permit, including Preliminary Development Plans for Planned Zoning Districts, or "fails to recommend," if a protest petition is filed as provided for herein, the resolution adopting such Rezoning, Conditional Use Permit, or Preliminary Development Plan shall not be passed except by a favorable vote of at least 4/5 of all of the members of the Board of County Commissioners. A protest petition must be filed in the office of the Johnson County Clerk within 14 days after the date of the conclusion of the public hearing held pursuant to the publication notice. As such, in the event a public hearing held pursuant to publication notice is continued by a Zoning Board to a future date, the 14 day period will not begin to run until the conclusion of the continued hearing. However, should the Board return an application to a Zoning Board for reconsideration, a protest petition will not be accepted nor will it be valid if filed with the Department of Records and Tax Administration Clerk following the reconsideration by the Zoning Board. More Information >>>

 Zoning is the classification of land into districts for the purpose of regulating the use of land such as placement, size of buildings, and activities associated with property. Zoning is the primary means of ensuring that nearby land uses are compatible.

A subdivision plat is a scale-drawing of a division of land showing the boundaries of the lots created. A subdivision plat contains a legal description of the property, the name(s) of the property owner dividing the land, the location of any public rights-of-way and easements, and other special notes. In contrast to a “certificate of survey” or “plot plan” often required by lenders for mortgage purposes, a plat is a legal document that is approved by the governing body and recorded with the County Register of Deeds.

A “Lot Split” is the division of a lot or a tract of land into no more than two portions. It is a one-time administrative procedure requiring the approval of the Zoning Administrator and notification of the appropriate Zoning Board.

Planned zoning districts promote flexibility and innovation in design through the preservation of natural site features and the creation of open spaces. Commercial and employment center development should be limited and must be carefully planned to be compatible with adjacent residential areas.