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Mental Health

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Children & Family

Children and Families

Keeping Connected (PDF)

Johnson County Mental Health Center offers pediatric services designed to serve youth (ages 3 – 18) with emotional or behavioral issues.  An individualized plan of care is developed for each child/family based on a comprehensive assessment to determine need.

The program can help a family in situations where a child:

  • Frequently does not follow household rules
  • Has a dramatic change in personality or behaviors
  • Is verbally or physically assaultive
  • Seems withdrawn or isolated
  • Expresses suicidal/self-harm tendencies
  • Runs away or threatens to run away
  • Performs below their ability at school
  • Avoids school
  • Struggles in peer relationships
  • Has contact with the legal system due to their behavior
  • Is at risk of removal from the home due to hospitalization or placement

Services Available
Services focus on short-term interventions aimed at resolving difficulties and stabilizing behavior.  Services may include:

Community Based Services- Services begin by an assessment that focuses on the strengths and needs of the child.  Based on this assessment, case managers work one-on-one with the youth and family to provide the services needed. Some examples of what a case manager might do are:

  • Help the family develop behavior management strategies for the home
  • Explore recreational and socialization opportunities available in the community
  • Teach the youth skills necessary for successful relationships
  • Identify and implement strategies with the youth and family for school success
  • Work on developing independent living skills

Psychosocial Groups- Groups are offered on a variety of topics including:  problem solving, social skills, leisure time training, health and personal relationships. A ratio of one staff to every four youth allows program participants to have support while they engage in a variety of activities. Different from “therapy groups”, psychosocial groups help children learn by doing.

Home-Based Family Therapy- Developed to assist families in crisis; home-based family therapists have the same qualifications as outpatient therapists along with increased availability.  This intensive service is short-term and designed to target issues that disrupt the family.  Home-based therapists have helped families:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop strategies to address emotionally charged problems
  • Restore balance to family relationships.

Individual, Family & Group Therapy – the focus is on short term interventions to resolve difficulties.  A wide range of specialized interventions are utilized based on individual needs.

For more information…

Families can contact Johnson County Mental Health Center's Customer Care Center at 913-826-4200 for more information about services for children and families.

Home and Community Based Waiver for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) Children and Youth

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The SED Waiver is a federal Medicaid waiver program. Local Community Mental Health Centers provide services covered by the program.  Children who meet eligibility requirements will receive a medical card and are eligible for Medicaid physical and behavioral health services.



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