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Mental Health

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Deaf Services

The JCMHC Deaf services team provides culturally affirmative, community based assistance to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and families in their recovery by promoting wellness and successful living through hope, personal choice and individual responsibility.  Counseling services are provided to those who live in Kansas regardless of age or county responsibility, and includes children who are attending Kansas School for the Deaf in the residential setting.   Case management, vocational services, and supported housing services are geared towards those who live in Johnson County.  Psychiatry services are provided with contracted interpreters who meet national standards.

Outpatient Counseling
Individual, group and family counseling are available to all age groups. The focus is on offering short term interventions to resolve difficulties.

Case Management
Case management staff assist individuals with developing skills, acquiring supports and resources to become successful in daily living. Staff use a strengths based approach to assist with such goals. Some examples of what a case manager may do include:

  • Help develop behavior management strategies.
  • Explore recreational and socialization opportunities available in the community.
  • Teach skills necessary for successful relationships.
  • Identify and implement strategies for success in a school or work setting.
  • Work on developing independent living skills.

Vocational Assistance
Staff provide assistance for persons seeking employment or experiencing job related difficulties. In addition to vocational counseling, staff can assist with referrals to vocational rehabilitation. These services include assistance with job placement, job coaching and job retention.

Attendant Care/Supported Housing Services
Staff provide support and supervision to consumers who need additional support to live independently in the community.

Medical Services
A staff of psychiatrists and nurses are responsible for providing medication management services to individuals requiring psychotropic medication as well as monitoring other health care needs. These services are provided with contracted interpreters.

Community Education
Workshops, speeches, and education programs are available to community groups about issues related to mental health and deafness.

Program staff are fluent in American Sign language and have a thorough understanding of the language and culture of the deaf.  Our staff are well trained professionals who are knowledgeable about issues related to mental health and mental illness.

Services are available to all deaf persons in Kansas who are in need of mental health services.

Options in Accessing Services

  1. Scheduled Intake – Call 913-826-4200 to arrange for a scheduled intake with an interpreter present.
  2. Open Access Clinic – Utilize our same day walk-in access clinic (an interpreter will not be available for walk-ins, but will be arranged for future scheduled appointments).
    1. Individual may choose to bring/arrange for their own interpreter for walk-in.
    2. Individual may choose to use another preferred method of communication.
  3. Call our 24/7 emergency services line at 913-268-0156 to reach clinical staff for crisis needs.
24 Hour Emergency Services