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Aging and Human Services

Central Office: 913-715-8800

11811 S. Sunset Drive, Suite 1300, Olathe, Kansas 66061

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Housing Search

In addition to the Section 8 Apartment List under Tenant Information on https://www.jocogov.org/dept/human-services/housing/housing-authority, individuals looking for housing may benefit from these websites for more information on housing in the Kansas City metro area. 

Free help to find a home in the Kansas City Metro to fit your needs and budget. Find a place to live. List rental housing. 1-877-428-8844

The nation’s leading apartment resource.

Search location/prices, etc. 

A free place to find and list rental housing in Kansas

Fair and affordable housing, foreclosure avoidance, reverse mortgage

Search any city, county, or state. 

See Housing and Long-Term Care Facilities

My Resource Connection See Apartments & Housing Search 

Your connection to service providers in the Greater Kansas City area.

Housing Choice Voucher Program Rental Listings to Date 

Rental List Post 8/7/20

Rental List Post 8/28/20

Rental List Post 9/4/20

Rental List Post 9/11/20

Rental List Post 9/25/20

Rental List Post 10/07/20