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Human Resources

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Pay Tables

The County has three different pay tables- Classified, EMS/ 24 hr, and Civil Service.  Most positions within the county are classified and are under grades that begin with JC (Johnson County).  The EMS/24hr are specific to positions within Med Act and grades begin with ES (Emergency Services).  Civil Service positions are specific to Sheriff's dept and grades begin with CS (Civil Service).   Each position classification corresponds with a pay range in the pay table. The entire pay range is considered to be market-competitive for that position classification.

Classified Pay Tables
2022 Classified Pay Table
2021 Classified Pay Table
2020 Classified Pay Table

Civil Service Pay Tables
2022 Civil Service Pay Table
2021 Civil Service Pay Table
2020 Civil Service Pay Table

Emergency Services Pay Tables
2022 Emergency Services Pay Table
2021 Emergency Services Pay Table
2020 Emergency Services Pay Table

Pay Table Maintenance
The Department of Human Resources will conduct annually a comprehensive external market analysis of the pay table to ensure that the pay ranges are market competitive, based on the County’s compensation philosophy. Recommendations to change or increase pay ranges are made by the Department of Human Resources as necessary, as a part of the annual budget process.
Pay table changes are typically implemented effective the first day of the first pay period of each fiscal year.
Pay rates for unclassified positions are based on external market data, statutory requirements, the civil service pay table, or other guidelines.