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How long is my certification valid for?

              Certification is valid for 2 years from the date of confirmation.

Is there a cost for participation?

              No. Seeking certification is free for Johnson County businesses and organizations.

Is participation in the Waste Diversion Assistance Program required for certification?    

No. An organization may seek certification independent of participating in the Waste Diversion Assistance Program. There are several benefits of participating in the Waste Diversion Assistance Program and can increase the amount of points you earn in the certification process, but it is not a prerequisite for pursuing Green Business Certification status.

Are organizations like religious institutions and non-profit organizations eligible for certification?

Yes. Most institutions are eligible for office/retail certification assuming their operations are similar to an office environment.  If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact Trent Thompson 913-715-6938

We are a business that leases space. Can we get credit for actions the property manager/owner is taking independent of our actions?

Yes, you made the decision to be a tenant at your location, so take credit for the good things your property manager/owner is doing. Encourage and help them to make more environmentally beneficial improvements and get more credit on your application!

Does certification cover all aspects of, and the environmental impacts from, a business’ operations?

No. The scope of certification is limited to the areas covered on the assessment (waste, energy, water, engagement, transportation, natural systems, and innovation) and to applicable locations and/or activities conducted in Johnson County. For example, a business that has an office in Johnson County but does manufacturing outside the County could certify its Johnson County office but not the manufacturing facility. Non-Johnson County locations can receive assistance from either Mid-America Regional Council and/or Bridging the Gap depending on the location.


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