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Certified Partners


Business & Organizations

Atmos Energy
This natural gas distributor located in Olathe, has recently expanded their recycling and waste reduction efforts. Atmos has successfully added a recycling container, and has also added recycle bins in both the office and warehouse areas; collecting cardboard, paper, and plastic bottles. In addition, the recycle their shredded documents, and left over food from company meals are donated to a local Salvation Army food bank.

bijin salon and spa
Located in Prairie Village, this salon and spa were already making efforts to recycle, but wanted to do more. With the help of Johnson County, bijin are looking to start composting hair clippings, began purchasing green janitorial products, and started a battery recycling program through the Big Green Box. New employees are also briefed on environmental efforts during orientation to ensure that everyone is on board.

Integrative Health Providers, Finan Chiropractic, & Lifestyle Massage 
Located in Lenexa, this healthcare facility initially included no recycling options for collecting appropriate materials. Johnson County staff worked with this location to add recycling bins and signs. Waste reduction efforts also include composting of scrap food, commingled and glass recycling options, water bottle refilling stations; they even reduced paper towel use by switching to clothe towels. 

This small boutique located in Oak Park Mall, has worked hard to revamp their recycling and waste reduction programs. Previously, employees would put recyclable's in their cars and drive them to a recycling center, now they work with a local company called L'Arche to provide recycling pickup. They also reduced their paper usage by going to more reusable and durable options, work with vendors to reuse plastic packaging and hangers, and have greatly reduced their usage of disposable drink cups.

Rimann Liquors
Rimann Liquors has two different locations being honored this year, one in Lenexa and one in Prairie Village. To increase recycling efforts, the Lenexa location sponsors a recycling bin that they allow connecting businesses to utilize. Both locations fully take advantage of cardboard recycling and also allow customers to reuse boxes before recycling them. The stores even offer collection boxes for natural cork recycling, which then go to ReCork for recycling. Going beyond recycling, Rimann also has reused old wine barrels and used them to develop display tables for wine tastings.

Training Umbrella
Located in Overland Park, Training Umbrella offers training room rentals and more. They have worked to expand their recycling efforts by adding paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans to the cardboard that was already being recycled. Going beyond recycling, Training Umbrella has found was to reuse materials for use in their building, this includes a conference table made out of reclaimed wood. 

Village Cooperative of Shawnee
This senior living community located in Shawnee have worked with Johnson County staff to add recycling bins to all communal spaces and to the fifty three units on the property. Education efforts have also been used to communicate to members what can and can't go in their recycle bins. Members have access to composting bins and use the compost in the garden areas. Members also collect glass which is then taken to a nearby Ripple Glass bin for recycling. Bike rakes were also installed for members that want to bike. 


Lenexa Hills Elementary
Johnson County has worked with the Shawnee Mission School District for many years to develop and maintain recycling and composting programs at the schools and district offices. Lenexa Hills Elementary is the newest addition to that group. The main component of their waste reduction efforts is the collection of food and paper waste from the cafeteria that is then composted; recycling is also collected in the cafeteria. In addition the school also properly disposes of all its electronic waste, and has several bike rakes available to students who ride their bike to school.

Honorable Mention Partner

Gurdwara Nanak Darbar Sahib Temple
Located in Olathe, this temple has really ramped up their waste reduction and recycling efforts. While working with Johnson County they have added recycling in key communal areas, with the bins being collected by L'Arche. Other sustainability efforts are currently being discussed, and they look forward to starting them soon.  





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