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Title IV-D Support Cases

Effective Monday, September 16, 2013 child support enforcement services for some Johnson County orders are changing. If either parent is enrolled in child support services through the Kansas Dept of Children and Families (Title IV-D program) your enforcement services will be provided by a new child support enforcement company called Kansas Child Support Services. Approximately 9000 cases are involved in this transfer of services to Kansas Child Support Services. This company has caseworkers and attorneys assigned to help parents and families with support cases managed by the Dept of Children and Families. You can contact Kansas Child Support Services by calling the Dept. of Children & Families call center at 1-888-757-2445. Kansas Child Support Services are located at 500 N. Rogers Road, Olathe, Kansas.

There is no charge to enroll in this program but you must contact the Kansas Child Support Services at 1-888-757-2445. Additional enforcement actions available through the IV-D Program include:

  • Notification of delinquencies to credit bureaus and agencies
  • Interception of federal income tax refunds for the collection of past due support
  • Interception of a portion of unemployment compensation for the collection of current and past due support
  • Additional assistance in the location of absent parents
  • Ability to file interstate enforcement actions if the absent parent moves to another state
  • Denial of Kansas Wildlife and Parks fishing and hunting licenses, tags, park and boat permits
  • Denial of US passport to applicants owing back child support
  • Restrictions on drivers license for non-payment of support

Should you need additional information on the IV-D program: http://www.dcf.ks.gov/Pages/Default.aspx.

If you would like to request closure of your title IV-D case, click here.