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District Court Trustee

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Frequent Questions

My ex-spouse has stopped paying child support. Will a warrant be issued for his/her arrest? 

When an individual who is court-ordered to pay child support does not comply with that court order, a citation for contempt will be issued by this office, and the obligor parent will be ordered to appear for a hearing. If that individual was personally served and they fail to appear for court, a warrant may be issued at that time.

Do I need to obtain a court order or does child support stop automatically? 

For Kansas support orders, child support terminates on a child’s 18th birthday unless the child is still attending high school, in which case child support continues until June 30 of the school year the child turned 18, unless otherwise ordered by the Court. If the child has not graduated by June 30th and the support order does not specify an extension, an Order Extending Child Support must be obtained. See KSA 23-3001.

What is the difference between an "income withholding order" and a "garnishment"? 

Income withholding is an ongoing order requiring an employer/payor of income to withhold and remit a periodic payment for support (typically weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly). The periodic payment is capped pursuant to the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA), and further restricted by KSA 23-3104(f), at 50% of disposable income (gross income less mandatory withholdings for taxes). A garnishment, however, is a ‘one-time’ process, such as a bank account garnishment, where the order of garnishment only allows a ‘one-time’ seizure of the garnishee’s funds at a specific point in time. Subsequent garnishments require subsequent orders, unlike an income withholding order which requires the periodic withholding until further order of the court.

Can I get a payment record of what I paid in (or received) for income tax purposes?  

Yes, upon request we will e-mail the payment record to the e-mail address on file.

How do I establish paternity? 

A paternity order can be established by hiring a private attorney or by contacting the Kansas Child Support Services Department at 1-888-757-2445.

How long does the child support obligation continue? 

About one month prior to your child's 18th birthday, a school certification form will be sent to the custodial parent. If the child is still in high school, per the Kansas statute, child support will continue until June 30 of that year. If the child is no longer attending school, child support ceases on the child's birthday, unless the parties have agreed otherwise and that agreement has been approved by the court, or unless the divorce decree or child support order was established in another state which allows child support to continue to another date, such as the child's 21st birthday. (See Emancipation section for further explanation).

How do I make an address change? 

For an Obligee the change must be made in writing. You may fax, email or send us a note via US mail using this form. For an Obligor the change can be made in writing, via email or by phone.

How do I get out of the Dept. of Children & Families Child Support Program in Johnson County, KS?

You must notify DCF and their contractor YoungWilliams (YW) in writing of your request.  If you are receiving cash assistance, medical coverage or daycare assistance through the State of Kansas Title IV-D program you cannot terminate child support services provided by DCF as long as you receive any of these assistance benefits.  The exception is SNAP (food) assistance.

If you are not receiving any of the above benefits you can request in writing to DCF/YW that your child support enforcement case be closed.  See sample letter.   The written notification should be mailed, faxed, emailed or delivered to YW at the following address:

                                                Kansas Child Support Services

                                                c/o YoungWilliams, LLC

                                                500 N. Rogers Road, Suite 100

                                                Olathe, KS  66062

                                                Fax:  913-210-7002

                                                Email:  [email protected]    


You should keep a copy of the written request for your records.  Upon receipt, DCF/YW should file with the court a Notice of Termination of the Assignment of Support Rights that you signed when you applied for DCF services.  This document releases your case so that the Johnson County Court Trustee Office can then automatically resume monitoring your case court order for support enforcement.

If DCF/YW does not file a Termination of Assignment timely you may contact the Johnson County Court Trustee Office for assistance.  A copy of your written notification to DCF should be provided to the Court Trustee Office.  We can notify DCF/YW that the Notice of Termination hasn’t been filed and request they file it.  If further action is needed you can file a motion before the Hearing Officer requesting the DCF services be terminated by court order.