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Episode 3: 8/19/2019

2020 Budget

This episode includes a conversation with Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Ed Eilert and Johnson County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson. They provide details of the 2020 budget and talk about how budget decisions are made. We take a closer look at how the county addresses unexpected expenses and talk about what impact the economy has on the budget process.


Time Subject
00:15 Introduction
00:54 Board of County Commissioners priorities for budget year 2020
01:20 New mental health positions and microtransit pilot
02:59 How the budget process gets started
03:54 How county staff and commissioners work together to create the budget
09:21 Using projections to prepare for unexpected changes
13:52 Johnson County’s aging population
16:03 Getting involved in local government

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Episode 2: 8/12/2019

Back-to-school health

This episode includes a discussion with Johnson County Health and Environment (DHE) WIC Program Manager Laura Grimmett, DHE Health Services Division Director Nancy Tausz and Mental Health Team Leader Renee Van Meter. They provide valuable information for parents about helping children eat nutritious meals and snacks on a budget. They also share the very latest on new vaccination requirements. You’ll learn about anxiety in children and hear from an area student about the importance of building a strong peer support system.


Time Subject
00:14 Introduction
01:15 Getting kids to eat healthy
08:19 New immunization requirements
13:17 Getting your flu vaccine
15:25 Keeping kids mentally healthy
19:51 The Zero Reasons Why program

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Episode 1: 8/6/2019

Summer fun in Johnson County

This episode includes a discussion with Park and Recreation District Executive Director Jill Geller and Bill Maasen, superintendent of Johnson County parks and golf courses. They share details about the new inclusive playground, the best places to get kids involved in golf, the new electric bicycle pilot, Geller’s recent decision to move on from the county and more. Watch a video about this episode.


Time Subject
00:14 Introduction
01:56 Closing dates for Johnson County Aquatics Centers
02:53 Locations of new inclusive playgrounds
04:17 Opening of new Meadowbrook Park
05:33 Where are the golf courses managed by Johnson County Park and Recreation Department?
06:26 Location of county's disc golf courses
07:42 50th season of Theatre in the Park
10:18 e-bikes and bike share programs at JCPRD

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Whether you live in or just love Johnson County, Kansas, the JoCo on the Go podcast has everything Johnson County. Hear what’s happening and what’s coming up in the community you call home.

About the host

Photo of JoCo on the Go host, Theresa FreedTheresa Freed is the Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Johnson County Government. She is a Johnson County resident who has more than 13 years of broadcast news experience in both television and radio news. In addition to serving as host for Johnson County’s podcast, JoCo on the Go, Freed also manages the digital side of communications for the county, including social media, website content, video production and web accessibility.