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Department of Corrections

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Juvenile Case Management

While a juvenile is in the custody of the Kansas Department of Corrections(KDOC) Juvenile Services Division, he/she will be assigned a case manager who is responsible for the placement and monitoring of the juvenile's needs and progress. The case manager will have ongoing contact with parents, placement providers, counselors, and school officials while responsible for the writing of a Case Supervision Plan which will guide the progress of the juvenile's treatment.

The case manager will meet with the juvenile as necessary and help guide the juvenile to a successful future, ideally to include reunification with the family. The supervision given by the case manager will include arranging for services for the juvenile and his/her family while the youth is in placement and upon his/her return home to help ensure the originating problem does not continue. After a period of stability, the case manager will ask the court to release the juvenile offender from KDOC custody. The time frame in which to achieve successful completion of programming and successful reintegration differs with the needs of each juvenile.

KDOC is responsible for payment of the majority of the costs associated with these services, in conjunction with Medicaid. However, this does not preclude the parents' rights and responsibilities to provide for their children. The State of Kansas has mandated that an order of support be implemented for every child who is placed into KDOC custody.

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