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Department of Corrections

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Child in Need of Care (CINC)

Juvenile Intake and Assessment provides evaluations for children in need of care (CINC) who are taken into custody by law enforcement agencies. CINC intake operates on a twenty-four hour, seven-day week basis to assist law enforcement by allowing them to return to patrol while intake staff assess the youth’s needs. This assessment helps provide early identification of at-risk behaviors and determines what community based services may be appropriate for the youth and family as well as to determine if the youth can be returned home or if placement is appropriate pending a subsequent court hearing.

CINC - Juvenile Intake and Assessment is managed by Johnson County Department of Corrections and is overseen by the Juvenile Services Division of the Kansas Department of Corrections. The Department of Corrections, Juvenile Services Division serves children and families throughout the northeast region, when youth have had law enforcement contact in Johnson County. The Department of Corrections, Juvenile Services Division provides a continuum of programs and services, and serve as advocates for children, along with collaborating with other public and private sector agencies to increase effectiveness and promote efficiency and quality services to youth and families. Our program provides assessment services, coupled with advocacy efforts that focus on keeping children safe, families strong, and communities involved.