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Department of Corrections

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Interested in a Career In Corrections?

If you have an interest in pursuing a degree or career path in Corrections or the Field of Criminal Justice, please check out these valuable resources:


Internship Opportunities

In order to provide knowledge of the Corrections field to interns, Johnson County Department of Corrections shall utilize college students as interns in residential and field settings to give them hands-on knowledge of career opportunities within the criminal justice/corrections field. Internships can be completed at the:


  • must be 21 years old
  • must pass a background check
  • must attend training
  • preference will be given to those interns that are currently enrolled in a course requiring an internship

Interns will work predominantly in one area listed above, but will be exposed to other areas in the department.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on our internship program please review our internship policy or contact Erin Moeder at Erin.Moeder@jocogov.org .

If you would like to apply for an internship, please complete the following application. E-mail the application and your resume to Erin Moeder at Erin.Moeder@jocogov.org .

(Opening the application requires Adobe Reader.  To install Adobe Reader please go to this website: https://get.adobe.com/reader/ )

Calendar of Events:

At this time, there are no openings for Summer 2019 or Fall 2019 internships.  Spring 2020 internship applications will be due October 1, 2019.