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Department of Corrections

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Work Release

The Work Release program started in October 2007 at the Adult Residential Center. These offenders ordered to the program are serving their sentences while being allowed to maintain their employment, pay taxes and pay on their program and court financial obligations. The program provides high accountability for the offenders including their time spent in the community at their places of employment. Work Release staff regularly conduct compliance checks and maintain contact with employers to ensure the offenders are complying with the rules of the program on a consistent basis.

Intensive Work Release

In April 2013, the Work Release program expanded to include an Intensive Work Release component. Determination of placement into this program is based on the Level of Service Inventory- Revised (LSI-R) Assessment, with those offenders scoring higher on the risk/needs scale being placed in the Intensive Work Release program. Offenders in this program adhere to the same standards of the traditional Work Release program, with the addition of more frequent contact with their supervising officer, as well as additional facility and/or community-based programming requirements and service referrals. Risk-reduction is sought through cognitive-based interventions and referrals to programs and services, and case plans are individualized to target specific offender risk/needs.

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