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Department of Corrections

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Work Release

The Work Release program started in October 2007 at the Adult Residential Center. These offenders ordered to the program are serving their sentences while being allowed to maintain their employment, pay taxes and pay on their program and court financial obligations. The program provides high accountability for the offenders including their time spent in the community at their places of employment. Work Release staff regularly conduct compliance checks and maintain contact with employers to ensure the offenders are complying with the rules of the program on a consistent basis.

Intensive Work Release

In April 2013, the Work Release program expanded to include an Intensive Work Release component. Determination of placement into this program is based on the Level of Service Inventory- Revised (LSI-R) Assessment, with those offenders scoring higher on the risk/needs scale being placed in the Intensive Work Release program. Offenders in this program adhere to the same standards of the traditional Work Release program, with the addition of more frequent contact with their supervising officer, as well as additional facility and/or community-based programming requirements and service referrals. Risk-reduction is sought through cognitive-based interventions and referrals to programs and services, and case plans are individualized to target specific offender risk/needs.

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Therapeutic Community

The purpose of the Therapeutic Community (TC) is to increase the opportunity for success of adult felony offenders in an intensive, long-term residential treatment setting.

The Therapeutic Community (TC) opened its doors at the Adult Residential Center in February, 1998. This 6-month drug treatment program is designed for offenders who have extensive drug abuse and criminal histories. The program is licensed by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services. The TC program is licensed to serve 50 clients with a bed capacity of 50.  The TC serves both male and female populations sentenced only by the Johnson County District Court.  In addition to the many services and activities provided by community volunteers,  on-site mental health counseling is available through licensed TC Staff as well as crisis counseling through Johnson County Mental Health.

Therapeutic Community Contact Information:

  • Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday)
  • Control Center: (913) 715-6337
  • After Hours/Emergency: (913) 715-6300

For more information on this accredited program, contact Earl Taylor at (913) 715-6539 or by e-mail at [email protected] or Chelsa Hunter, Senior Substance Abuse Counselor, at (913) 715-6477 or by email at [email protected].

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Intensive Supervision Probation

The Adult Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) provides community-based supervision of adult felony and some misdemeanor offenders from several referral sources:

  • assignment at the time of sentencing,
  • assignment following a probation revocation hearing,
  • placement upon successful release from the Residential Center Program, and
  • placement through internal sanctions from Adult Court Services

While assigned to Internal Supervision Program, clients are required to meet with their supervising officers on a frequent basis. The Intensive Supervision Officer initiates collateral contacts with treatment providers, family members, employers, and significant others. Clients enroll in required counseling and submit to frequent urinalysis (at their own expense). Offenders are closely monitored to ensure compliance with the Order of Probation/Parole Release Plan and the program guidelines.

For more information call 913-715-6700.

Court Payment Instructions

Adult Drug Testing Information at Hotline Number

House Arrest

The House Arrest Department has a main office that is located within the Adult Residential Center (141 Mission Parkway, New Century, KS 66031) and operates on a 24-hour bases.  There is a satellite office located within the Youth and Family Services Center (920 W. Spruce, Olathe, KS 66061) with hours of operation from 7am-10pm.  House Arrest involves a philosophy of strictly limiting an offender’s movements within the community through electronic monitoring while using cognitive based intervention technique’s to promote behavior change within the client’s served.

The court can order several variations of our program.  Note the Electronic Monitoring is equivalent to traditional House Arrest Services.  A client ordered to Electronic Monitoring is assessed at intake and assigned monitoring equipment based on the court's orders or probation officer's request.  If the court orders GPS Monitoring, the client will be on GPS tracking without a restricted schedule, but exclusion zones will remain intact, the client cannot move residences without permission, and the client cannot travel outside the 9 county area without permission.

Based on the Equipment Assessment, clients can be assigned an array of equipment that may include: an ankle bracelet for proximity or GPS tracking, a remote breath testing unit (alcohol monitoring, and photographic facial recognition), or a CAM device (ankle bracelet with transdermal testing capabilities).  The House Arrest Department has several possible variations of equipment that could be used.  All equipment has cellular capabilities and all clients have to have their own cell phone for communication purposes and some gear sends text messages that will require the cell phone as well. 

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Or call Teresa Markos at 913-715-7225 or E-mail at [email protected].

Adult Residential Center Probation Program

The Johnson County Department of Corrections Adult Residential Center is a 398 bed, community based, facility that provides a highly structured environment for adult offenders ordered by the District Court to our program.

The main objective of the Residential Center program is to reintegrate clients into the community as successful, productive citizens.

This is accomplished by:

  1. A structured 24 hour program.
  2. Professional, well trained staff.
  3. A modern, well maintained facility.
  4. Individual Programming Plan for all residents, to include:
    • On-site Mental Health Programs
    • AA/NA meetings
    • Resource Development - Employment Assistance
    • Voluntary Religious Services
    • Substance Abuse Education and Counseling
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Pre-Employment Training
    • Intensive orientation program for new residents
    • G.E.D. and other educational opportunities

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The absconders list contains information on people who have absconded from the supervision of the Johnson County Department of Corrections  in violation of their probation order. Most have warrants for their arrest so treat all persons that you may contact on this list as dangerous.

>> Absconders List application