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Department of Corrections

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About Us

What We Do

  • Our Vision
    • We choose to be a different kind of Government...
      • One that inspires trust for who we are and pride in what we do.
      • One that dares to imagine what can be and strives each day to make a difference.
      • One that cares about the health, the character, and the promise of community.
    • Through our service, Johnson County will always be an extra-ordinary place, second to none, where people want to be, to work, to live.
  • Our Mission - Leading by example, we support and protect our community by encouraging responsibility and positive lasting change for a better future.
  • Behavioral Values - Integrity - Respect - Professionalism - Humility - Humor - Respect
  • Operational Values - Caring Workplace - Stewardship - Teamwork - Continuous Improvement - Learning Organization
  • Core Values - Public Service - Public Trust - Public Leadership

Advisory Boards

Directions to our Facilities:

Payment Information - Payments may be made by several methods. Visit this page for payment option information.

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