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Charter Commission Meeting

To attend in person:

 Administration Building

To attend virtually on Facebook click here:Johnson County, KS Government - Home | Facebook

Johnson County Administrative Bldg.
111 S Cherry, Olathe, Room 200/201
4:00 PM



Roll call and Quorum


1. Consider the Approval of the November 8, 2021 Agenda.

2. Consider the Approval of the October 27, 2021 Minutes.



1. First reading - Consideration of the Proposed Amendments to the Home Rule Charter

(requires nine (9) Affirmative votes to move to second reading for full consideration.)

(see attachment for order of consideration.)

NEXT MEETING AGENDA (Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at: 4:00 p.m.)

JOCO Administration Bldg.– In Person and Virtual

    1. Continued consideration of proposed amendments.


Proposal packets on Charter Website at: https://charter.jocogov.org/current-charter-resources

Proposed Home Rule Charter Amendments 2021

Elected Positions

  • Change the positions of County Clerk, Register of Deeds, and County Treasurer to elected positions from their current status as appointed positions.
  • Establishment of “Johnson County Unincorporated Trustee” Position Elected by the Unincorporated Citizens of Johnson County.
  • Change the Head of the Johnson County Appraisal Office to an elected position.

Public Health

  • Create a public health and safety governing board to provide oversight for the public health department and county sheriff’s department.
  • The Board of County Commissioners shall form a Health Advisory Council which shall provide guidance when the BOCC acts as the Public Health Board. The Health Advisory Council shall be composed of representatives of interested groups and parties, including but not limited to, physicians, patients, caregivers, pharmacies, hospitals, and the general public.

Governing Boards

  • The directors and members of the governing boards of Johnson County Library System, Parks and Recreation District, Mental Health Center, Developmental Supports, and the Airport Commission shall be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, based on education and experience for the position appointed to. ALL appointees shall maintain residency within Johnson County and be a qualified elector.

Board of County Commissioners

  • All vacancies on the Board of County Commissioners should be filled by special election unless the next scheduled election is within 90 days of the position becoming vacant.
  • Add the following sentence at the end of Section 2.05: "Increases in compensation and benefits that exceed the increase in the Consumer Price Index over the time period since the last compensation or benefits increase shall require approval by the voters."
  • At Section 2.02, the fourth sentence shall be deleted and replaced with the following: "Six Commissioners shall continue to be elected to four-year terms consistent with past practice. The Seventh District Commissioner elected in November 2022 shall be elected to a five-year term, after which term the Seventh District Commissioner shall thereafter be elected to four-year terms beginning in November 2027."
  • BOCC are to approve new hires or reappointments of department directors or division heads.


  • Change election status of the sheriff’s position to a nonpartisan race.
  • Change the format of all county elections to partisan.
  • Modify Article V as follows:

1. Modify Section 5.02, bullet 1, sentence 2 to read as follow: “Except as provided by law or this Charter, the County Manager shall appoint, suspend, or dismiss all non-elected department directors and division heads, including the County Clerk, the Register of Deeds, and the County Treasurer.”

2. Modify Section 5.05 by deleting bullets, 1, 2, 3, and redraft the remaining provisions to read as follows: “The District Attorney and the Sheriff shall be selected by popular vote in a nonpartisan election held every 4 years. The Commissioners shall review and approve the budgets for each elected office. Each elected office is subject to the personnel policies and procedures established by the BOCC and all other administrative policies adopted by Commission to the extent not inconsistent with law.”


  • Delete the current Section 2.08 and renumber the current Section 2.09 as Section 2.08.
  • Delete the text of the current Section 6.03. Insert the text of the current Section 6.04.
    Eliminate the heading of the current Section 6.04.
    Modify bullet one of the new text of Sec. 6.03 to add the parenthetical (second Thursday of January 2001) after the word “Charter.” The bullet now reads: “A Charter Commission, composed and appointed provided by statute, shall be created within 30 days of a date which follows 10 years after the effective date of this Charter (the second Thursday of January 2001), and at least every 10 years thereafter.”
    Delete all of Article VII.
Administration Building
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