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Audit Services

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Mission Statement: As the independent evaluator of Johnson County activities -- we provide objective assurance and insight regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of the County’s operations, services, programs, risk management, and internal controls.

Core Values: Service - Trust - Professionalism

Department News

Johnson County Sheriff's Office Revenue Audit
June 13, 2018

We audited the cash handling, collection and deposit activities, accounts receivable management and other revenue related functions of the Johnson County Sheriff's office. These functions were audited separately from the 2017 Johnson County Sheriff's Office Transition Audit due to the complexity and scope of review.

Leadership Business Expense Authorization
June 13, 2018

We performed a limited scope audit of County leaderships’ P-Card and business expense reimbursements to determine if they were reviewed and authorized by the appropriate individual as defined in County guidance. We found most of the department and agency directors, elected and appointed officials and other County officials were compliant with County guidelines.


Review of the District Coroner's Administrative Activities
June 13, 2018

At the request of the Director, Health and Environment (DHE), we reviewed the District Coroner’s Cremation Permit Fee Program implementation to advise her of any major control and/or financial risk that may need to be addressed upon the District Coroner’s Office transitioning from the Sheriff’s Office to DHE. The review was further expanded to include contracting and other administrative activities.

2017 Audit Services Year in Review
March 7, 2018
Johnson County Sheriff's Office Transition Audit
September 20, 2017

At the request of Sheriff Hayden, we performed a transition audit to advise him of any major control, financial, and/or operational risk that may need to be addressed upon being elected Sheriff of Johnson County Kansas.

Internal Audit Philosophy

“Leave every place a little better than you found it.”

by Lawrence Sawyer, The Internal Auditor, August 1995

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