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Office of the County Appraiser

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Residential Statistics

The hyperlinks below provide 2019 Residential Statistics for Johnson County Cities relevant to Average Appraised Value Vs. Average Sales Price (January 2009 through December 2018).

Sources: Johnson County CAMA (2009-2019)

State Perspective

The State Perspective is published annually on the following year in April.

The purpose of the state Perspective is to show the relationship of Johnson County to Wyandotte, Douglas, Shawnee, Sedgwick and other counties in the state of Kansas in regard to the appraised and assessed value of real and personal property.

The pie charts shown on each report illustrate percentages by county for specific categories (listed below) and how they compare with the State’s total.

  • Total of All Property Appraised
  • Total Assessed Real Estate
  • Total Assessed Residential Real Estate
  • Total Assessed Commercial Real Estate
  • Total Assessed Public Utilities

Source: the Statistical Report of Property Assessment and Taxation is published annually by the State of Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Property Valuation. To obtain a copy, please click here.